To my Serbian loves~

I’ve wanted to write this to my two ‘friends’ whom are serbian (and one is half Finnish). But I have never had the balls to message them with all of this. So I hope you can understand how much love I have for these people and the fact that Im writing personal notes to them for the world to see, which is weird for me because Im a very private person. But here we go…

rebelliousmormon: Kail…(Ke$ha) I want to begin this telling you that I miss you sooooooooooo damn much it hurts to even think about it. And I try my best to not remind myself of you (in a good way I promise). I want to say that I am truly sorry for anything that has happened between us to not make us as close in the past three years. But I would do anything to be friends with you again, because you are one of the reasons Im the person I am today, the person that made me want to be adventurous and try harder, the person that taught me what a true friend accepts you for you, a friend that was honest, how to be more open, and how to not be afraid. And seeing you change into a very sophisticated handsome man, I am so beyond proud of you on how much you have achieved in the past few years and how successful you have become..and yes I fb stalked you at times. But anyway, I want to thank you for being a great person, and I truly miss you and hope your family is doing well! 

captainobvius: First off~ I want to thank you for teaching me a lot over the years, being there for me no matter what, and showing me what a true gentleman is like. Even though over the years we have talked on and off, you have never changed, always have been such a sweet heard, caring, busy, hardworking man. I respect you so much and always wanted to tell you that you where my first love. Even though we never dated or anything, you taught me from a young age that love is someone caring for you no matter what, accepting you for you, trying to make you a better person, and supportive. You cared for me, even though we never met in person, and it didn’t matter if I was chubby back then, it was about who I was. And even though you probably never loved me or cared for me as much as I cared for you. You have still taught me to be thankful and how a true gentleman should treat a women. I hope one day we can meet, and thank you! 

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